How can I share my ability hack?

2008 May 13
by Liz Henry

If you know how to make, adapt, or hack something that will help out people with disabilities there are a bunch of ways you can spread your idea:

* Post step by step instructions on WikiHow, perhaps in the category Disability Issues.

* Post your hack on Instructables, and tag it disability and “hack ability” as well.

* Link up to your instructions, and post more information if you like, on Disapedia‘s DIY Tips pages.

* Creative Commons or open source license your instructions and plans, and if you’ve got them, designs and blueprints.

* If you have a simple or undeveloped idea, you could post it in the comments on our Ideas page, or on WikiHow in the WikiHow request queue. Maybe someone else will write it up in more detail for you.

Anything might happen to your idea. Someone might commercialize it and try to profit from it but they can’t claim it’s theirs or stop other people from using the idea too. Once your idea is out in the world for free, then anyone can build it, expand it, work on it, and hack it!

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  1. Andres permalink
    March 16, 2009

    I’ve been adapting toys and writing special software for several years in Chile. I thought access to technology was only a problem for people living in developing countries.

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