Inventions, mods, communities

Gearability: A blog with lots of DIY hacks for people with disabilities

Open Prosthetics Project

Center for International Rehabilitation

Whirlwind Wheelchair International




Web accessibility

  • All Access Blogging: How to make your blog accessible

    Lighthouse for the Blind

    Tactile Maps info


    Stuff out there: Light Talker, Liberator, Pathfinder, etc
    Stone Deaf Pilots Deaf Tech blog with more good links in the sidebar!

    General disability information sources

    * The big information archive at AbleData (especially the DIY section).
    Wheelchair University
    * Disapedia
    * Wheelchair Junkie: Funny site, useful forums. A labor of love.
    * Ouch! BBC: Disability-related blogs, podcasts, forums, and more. Great!
    * Patients Like Me: Social network for ALS, MS, PD, HIV, Mood Disorder. An interesting approach. But diagnosis-based and not an open social network.
    * GimpGirl – runs meetings, gathers information, grassroots group of women with disabilities.

    Blogs of note

    Disability Studies, Penny Richards et al

    David M. Clark
    UberGeekChick GNOME/GTK+2.0 C/PHP/Perl hacker, blogger, podcaster.

    (To do: Tag disability bloggers and sites and pull in delicious feed so this link list is easier to maintain.)