Flat Braille

2013 June 6
by Liz Henry
Flat Braille

This weekend I’m going to be in a conference space in which the women’s restroom door has a sign that is printed with the word “WOMEN” and then something in Braille. It is printed-on and totally flat. Yeah. Someone made that.

My plan is twofold.

I shall arrive at the conference with a small tube of superglue. I will use the superglue surreptitiously to HACK THE BRAILLE by dotting its paint with small bumps of fast-hardening superglue. Don’t worry. I’ll guard it till it hardens so that no one will be glued to the restroom door.

As an added bonus, I’ll photograph the flat braille, and start a flat braille Tumblr. That should be good for some excellent laughs!

Talk about missing the point!

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  1. Gabriel McMorland permalink
    June 18, 2013

    Excellent plan. I wonder if it might be more effective to use epoxy, or some other glue that dries harder than superglue?

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