Fuzzy sock leg warmers

2009 August 18
by Liz Henry

fuzzy socks

I like to keep my knees warm, but don’t want to wear long underwear all year round. Regular legwarmers tend to feel too tight for me and also, a bit itchy. So I cut the toes off some very fuzzy chenille socks and use them over my calves or knees, and under my jeans. A more organized person might stitch around the cut edge, but actually, it’s fine without hemming.

In dollar stores sometimes, you can find these or fuzzy armwarmers and cut off the toe or fingertips. The very loose weave stretches further than regular socks or leg-warmers. They’re about 5 dollars. Without something covering my right lower leg, just the air touching it feels like sandpaper. Sandpaper on fire. An extra layer to stop the cruel knife-like breeze that other people think of as “air” is extremely helpful.

Happy warm knees, or warm calves, to you!

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