Duct Tape Crutch Pockets

2009 June 25
by Liz Henry

Duct tape works wonders!

One of my first hacks as a person with a disability was making duct tape crutch pockets back in about 1997. I had gone from cane to wheelchair to cane again, and then needed crutches over the winter. As I walked from room to room in my house, I wanted a big pocket to carry a book or my paper notebook. These pockets were made from thin cardboard video tape boxes, covered in tape. They’re anchored firmly to the cross bar and the sides of the crutches, so they don’t flop around like some cloth and velcro pockets I’ve seen.

crutch pockets made of duct tape

Then a few years ago I posted a photo of the crutch pockets on a blog. It was picked up by Life Hacks. I really enjoyed the way that people who saw these pockets, or heard the idea, had an “aha!” moment. It’s a simple idea, and yet if you haven’t thought of it yet, it’s just not obvious.

What hacks have you made from duct tape?

And do you have crutch pockets you like better? Homemade, or store bought? Let us know in comments.

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